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“Universe” isn’t just a song; it’s an Art-Fact—an immersive, multi-disciplinary experience crafted by Ukrainian artist Inna Ligum, now based in Germany. ‘Universe’ is a cosmic rollercoaster fusing Pop and Electronic Dance into an Art-Fact experience. This energetic, sexy, and uplifting song explores a range of human desires, from Gucci bags to eternal happiness. Lyrics are both witty and profound, providing a balanced experience. Not just a song, ‘Universe’ is an innovative experience combining music, visual art, and AI.

The Story Behind “Universe”
Inna Ligum, a Ukrainian artist and singer based in Germany, brings forth her vision through a groundbreaking Art-Fact that marries music, visual art, and performance. ‘Universe’ isn’t just a song; it’s an experience that aims to transport its audience into a realm of endless possibilities.

The Journey of Writing “Universe”
Inna’s move from Ukraine to Germany was fueled by a bold aspiration: to revolutionize the world of music and art. But the challenges of life in a new country were overwhelming, putting her dream on an indefinite hold. The passing of her mother led her to a dark abyss of despair, where the only escape became the cathartic process of songwriting. From this crucible of intense emotion emerged ‘Universe,’ a creative epiphany that underscored the value of every second of life as a potential step toward achieving her dreams. It wasn’t just one of Inna’s first songs; it became a lifeline that reconnected her with her purpose and potential.

The Art-Fact & Paintings
The visual aspect of ‘Universe’ resonates with celestial imagery and abstract forms, inviting viewers to question the concept of space, time, and our role in the grand tapestry of existence. Each brushstroke on the canvas mirrors a lyrical phrase, creating a holistic sensory experience.

By connecting art and technology, Inna aims to create a universe of creativity where individuals learn to discover and appreciate their uniqueness.

The ambition is not modest: to make Inna’s music, art, and ideas familiar to many, inviting them into a new world of human possibilities.

Artist’s Journey
Inna’s dream-plan-do trajectory involves performing on grand stages like Wembley and showcasing her artistic creations at esteemed galleries, including MOMA. She and her husband have built a multifaceted enterprise, from a recording studio and singing school to a label and Art-Fact production gallery. With each endeavor, they move closer to realizing their overarching vision: a world where voice, creativity, and AI come together in harmony.
‘Universe’ signifies not just a song or an Art-Fact, but a step towards this grand vision, a microcosm of what is yet to come. As the notes fade away and the colors blend into one, the message is clear: this is just the beginning.