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    “Universe” is out now!

    Ich bin sehr glücklich! Mein Song “Universe” ist auf der Welt und ich will die Welt damit ein wenig besser machen.


    This is a cover of the “Universe” Art-Fact

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    Manifesto of the Creative Future : HOMO CREATIVUS

    EN: Manifesto of the Creative Future: Homo Creativus

    The future of humanity is Homo Creativus.
    I am convinced of that.
    With the advent of computers, the internet and AI, other characteristics will become more valuable than before. I know that man will always remain unique, but he must now redefine himself.

    With the advent of photography, painting was no […]

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    “Song For Me” Song Lyrics


    This song I wrote for a better me
    Me, loving, sweet and feeling free.
    No fear, no hate
    Just a perfect me,
    With perfect weight and symmetry
    The perfect me wakes up early
    Doesn ́t drink and never smokes
    The perfect me is never lonely
    And feeling like a bird.

    This my song.
    This is for me.
    This is for the life I dream
    Forever […]